I Miss David Letterman

lettermen logoIt’s true, I do miss David Letterman. His Late Show started airing around the time I was old enough to stay up late and old enough to get the jokes. Since he was a fixture for most of my adult life, I keep realizing the things I miss, like the space between his teeth, his sarcasm, Stupid Pet and Human Tricks and probably most of all – Dave’s “Top Ten List.”

What is it about a Top Ten List that makes it so attractive? I think it is because we can all manage ten items. Not many of us have the time or interest to commit to a Top 100 or even a Top 50, especially on a frequent basis, but ten is “doable.” A Top Ten list is succinct, already prioritized for us, and makes us feel like we are getting the best of the best (even if we aren’t).

So, given this rationale, I decided to create my own Top Ten of Top Ten Lists related to public relations topics.

Amy’s Top Ten List of Top Ten Lists Related to PR

  1. Ten Reasons Why Top 10 Lists Make Great Content
  2. Top 10 PR Blogs You Should Be Reading
  3. Training Employees to Use Social Media: Top 10 Guidelines for Social Media Participation
  4. 10 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing
  5. Top 10 Quotes from the Most Influential Content Marketers
  6. Top 10 Women Journalists On Air at Cable News
  7. Top 10 Political Journalists on Network Radio
  8. Top 10 Entertainment Shows on Instagram
  9. 10 Reasons to Hire a Public Relations Firm
  10. 10 Must-Read Public Relations And Marketing Books

In case you, too, are missing Dave’s Top Ten, check out Top Ten of David Letterman’s Top Ten Lists.

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